Maxi Core Programs

Maxi Gold Program

Well-tailored educational and academic program: Business Administration, Internet Accessibility, Digital Marketing, Robotics and AI

Maxi Silver Program

Vocational Based Program ASDAN and Award of Achievement (AOA): Gardening and Hydroponics, Candle and Soap Making, Art and Design, Fashion Design

Maxi Bronze Program

Skilled Based Program:-
Packaging, Customer Service, Retail, Cooking, Gardening

Maxi Alternative Services

Blended Learning

This program is designed to school students age 14+ who would like to pursue vocational training as alternative pathways and not academics.
Internet Accessibility, Gardening, fashion design, soap and candle making. Also includes life skills training.

Short Courses

This program is designed to support those who want to enhace their vocational skills whilst they are in centres or schools. Summer classes and evening classes can be attended by special needs or able bodied students.

Professional Courses

These courses are designed for fresh graduates or middle management that wish to enhance their proffessional careers.
Training of the Trainers, eCommerce, digital marketing, project management and graphic design. Languages also feature here.

Center Achievements

Some statistics about our Center

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Maxi Rehabilitation Services

Intervention Program

This program is designed to support the families and the schools for assessing the students at a very young age, delivered at MyMaximus

Maxi Mobile Clinic

Maxi Mobile Clinic offers specialized services delivered by qualified and accredited staff to schools and homes

Maxi Transform Clinic

Experience the highest standards in Medical Care by a team of highly qualified medical professionals with years of working experience

Maxi Retails


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What our students say about us


The State-of-the-art learning programs, technologies  and the facilities have given the young learners a choice to  alternative pathways and future plans. MyMaximus is built to create a seamless working environment to young learners with more than 50 local and international organizations partnered with us to support transition to work and independent living. The Center is situated at the heart of Dubai Investment Park and spread over 20,000 square feet on 2 floors. A café, medical center, beauty salon and gym are integral to the center.