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Who we are

MyMaximus vocational training Centre is born from the critical need for educational . vocational and job placement support to adults with mental disabilities in UAE after the school years .

Adults with Autism, Down-syndrome, ADHD , Learning Difficulties and Developmental Delays spent round 16 years of their lives in training and early intervention centers. They train them into basic life experience ,independency and some academic. Yet due to the complexity and the nature of their abilities and their medical conditions a quite good number of students can not pursue further studies, find a job or even live independently.


Our Vision


Our vision is to transform the way how the mentally determined adults are employed and considered in the working place.

Founder Message

Over a time span of 20 years, I was struggling to understand autism and how to deal with it and accept it. I was devastated to know that Ahmed is not normal, and he is not going to have a normal life. I denied it with all my senses, blamed myself for his condition and despised my life. Between the anger and the denial and the road to acceptance was a painful journey that makes me discover myself before Ahmed and the Devil called Autism.
Everyday Ahmed is growing and nothing is changing, and the challenges increased with sensory issues that we knew nothing about at the time, behavioral issues, anxiety and depression in addition to his siblings longing for a happy family and a normal life like others.
I needed to work to support my family, especially Ahmed as insurance companies do not support autism related assessments, checkups and/or medication and Intervention. I found myself battling Ahmed’s condition, financial constraints and debts, family and work that needed my attention.
I was fighting with myself, expecting people to understand my pain and support me. People can help and support but only within their own means, not we may hope or expect. Eventually, after no way out and trapped on lots of fronts, I have just realized that Ahmed is Ahmed. He is not going to change, and he does not need to change. It is me who should change, accept him the way he is and live my life with all that comes my way.
At last, and with an understanding for the challenges faced by those with mental disabilities, and then my experience as a parent of a child with autism, I became more deeply committed to not just support myself, but to extend my knowledge and support to other parents like me. I took the liberty to be there for every family who wanted advice or support or even just compassion.
Facing challenges has become familiar territory to me. Consequently, I decided to take it further and establish MyMaximus.
MyMaximus is established and committed to helping families face the challenges of tomorrow, today. We moved from the hope of having a normal life to a realization and questioning of what is going to happen when we are no longer in their lives.
We are aiming to change the way our children live their future and have control over their lives. We believe that overcoming challenges is best accomplished with a team that shares a common goal and knows what steps are suitable and appropriate to find the right solution. Together, we can find solutions and together we can strive to succeed .
I will end this message by thanking all those stood by my side and tried very hard to help me or to make it easy for me. My thanks goes to the most wonderful women on earth - my mother, who always stood by my side and empowered me to accept it and embrace the challenges. My father who is insisting that everything is going to be alright, my husband who believes and supports the birth of MyMaximus, my children, doctors, teachers and carers !
Thank you !