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Summer camp in MyMaximus

2021-06-13/ By: admin

MyMaximus is pleased to offer people of determination and school children a fantastic summer camp and break.

Age group starting from 5 years to 17 years old.

Programs offered :- 

1-Know your computer (5- 11 years old)
2-Graphic design (12-17 years old) 
3-Coding and applications (12-17 years old )
4-Video editing (12-17 years old)

Gardening age ( 5-17 years old)
 1- Gardening Tools 
2- landscape designing 
3- planting and watering 

Art Workshop 5-17
Art school
    ⁃    drawing with crazy tools
    ⁃    Matisse collages
    ⁃    Sellotape collage
    ⁃    Acrylic pouring
    ⁃    Jackson Pollock canvases
    ⁃    Fun drawing exercises
    ⁃    Recycled model making
    ⁃    Animation modeling clay figures
    ⁃    Stop motion animation 
    ⁃    Clay techniques
    ⁃    Clay fruit characters
    ⁃    Clay textured plaques
    ⁃    Coil pots / pinch pots

Animal Workshop (5-17 years old)
1- How to take care of a pet 
2- Types of food and pet care
3- Pet Adaption 

1- Open Gym PT
2- Maxi Gym circuit

1- One month 2000 AED
2- Two months 3500 AED

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