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Gym Services and Sport Training:
Maxi Gym is a state of art gymnasium. It is designed to support the special fitness needs of the determined. Neurological improvement, focused education and harnessing the latest technology are the fundamental principles of rehabilitation, improved social skills and motor skills.
Maxi Gym is using technology to lead the way and offer remedies that help those with paralysis to stand up, walk, and enhance worker capabilities.

Come and join our specialized and approved team of experienced trainers and discover how physical wellbeing improves mental wellbeing.


Cycling is a fascinating sport that requires good physical condition, balance, endurance and tactics. Special Olympics include time trials and road race events in different distances. Every athlete riding his/ her bike aims at traveling at the best possible time and arrive at the finish line first.

Power Lifting

Every athlete aims to lift more weights than the opponent using specific moves. In Special Olympics Powerlifting is much more than deadlift, squat or bench press. it is effort, persistence and loyalty. Training, determination and attitude, are the key facts that define the balance between a successful or a failed attempt. The barbell, despite testing the physical strength, is also highlighting the athlete’s inner wish to improve, “not to make compromises."

Karate and Judo

The aim in Karate is for one opponent to subdue the other onto their backs by gripping the Karate uniform and using throwing techniques from a standing position and pinning techniques from a ground position. Judo, meaning “gentle way” in Japanese, requires both spiritual discipline and demanding physical capabilities. Rules and techniques are modified to ensure safety and enjoyment to all its competitors.

We cater for age groups from 5 years with no upper age limit, and we are the fitness home for our students, their families and the community at large.

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