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Internet accessablity and graphic design


The Purpose of this discipline is to teach and develop internet capabilities through a variety of tools and applications.

All the students will have access to this area, and each will have a variety of capabilities ranging from none to good.

A program will be set for each student. For example, some may be taught the very basics of internet accessibility using special tools like enhanced keyboards and touch screens. Others will be trained on graphic design and applications based on their intellectual abilities. Those that can read and type and interact with the internet already, can be taught how to use Microsoft Office in the workplace for example. All will have specific applications that help them to develop their own capabilities.

Training is provided with an access via a tablet, some a laptop and some via a desktop computer. Assistive Technologies and specialized application will be used to support the learning program.

The concept is for a high-tech learning environment with a room designed such that workstations have two chairs so a learning assistant can sit next to each student to support them as required.

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